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Custom wall beds and cabinetry in San Diego, CA by Sandi & Jenn!

Wall Beds by Sandmar

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Sandi and Jenn are master wood workers.  We can design and build everything from wall beds to kitchens.  Why wall beds?  When Sandmar opened in 1991, we built murphy beds for those big companies you find up on Miramar Road.  At one point, we built wall beds for stores in San Diego, Las Vegas, Burbank and Los Angeles.  They would take our products, add 300% and sell it to you.  

As our skills developed, we wanted to expand our designs and give you exactly what you want.  So we figured, why have a middleman?  Now you can work directly with us, the designers and builders of your custom wall beds and cabinetry.  We are well versed in all types of cabinetry.  Believe us when we say that you can have a stylish wall bed that doesn't look like a boring box.  You can also have side cabinets and desks in any shape, style or color you want.  We even know how to work with exotic woods.  We will design your room, build it and install it.  We are the best and take pride in our work.  And yes, we actually build everything.  Our shop is located right behind our little showroom.  

You will be surprised at what you can get when you cut out the middlemen and support your local artisans.  Since everything is custom and each project is different, we quote each job.  That being said, we do offer our textured laminate beds at a fixed price if there is no customization needed.  Please click on Lickety-split above if this cranks your tractor.       

I searched at least four different places before settling on Sandmar.  I must say this company is worth every penny.  I was able to clearly articulate my design needs and they constructed this unit to my exact specifications.  This wall bed totally transforms my studio rental into a true dual-function space, effectively doubling the square footage.  It is a bedroom when the bed down and instantly a living room with it up.  I highly recommend Sandmar when considering a wall bed. 

Brad Anderson

Remodeling and Home Design
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