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Custom wall beds and cabinetry by Sandi Burnside & Jenn Budd!

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We are not your average cabinet business.  We do not have a sales team.  We do not pay high rent for a showroom on Miramar.  We build custom cabinetry and custom wall beds in San Diego.  In fact, custom cabinets is all we do.   

Frankly, Sandi and I used to build for those retail stores that have all those layers.  We built for companies in San Diego, Burbank, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Palm Desert.  As our skills grew, so did our goals.  We wanted to deal directly with you, the clients.  We wanted to design and build exactly what you needed and wanted.  We wanted to build solid cabinetry that lasts a lifetime.  And we didn't want to pay a middle man to sell our products after he marked them up by 300%.  So in 2008, we set out on our own.

Our showroom is in front of our shop.  We do the sales, the design and the building.  If you have a question, you call or email us.  Without all those layers, there are no design limitations.  There is no such thing as color, material or finish limitations.   You are speaking directly with your builder.  We can tell you everything you would like to know about your project.


If you feel that high quality needs a high price tag, then feel free to bid higher than our quote.  If you need a fancy showroom on Miramar, then consider our El Cajon shop/showroom to be in East La Jolla.  If you think master woodworkers need some sort of European foo foo accent, well I can throw a mean Southern mumble at ya.  And if you think master woodworkers are only men, bring yer fightin' gloves.

Come see us.  Let us design and build your rooms.  You will be amazed at not only the quality of our work, but also how competitively priced our custom pieces are.

 We are your cabinet makers San Diego.

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