It is hot as Hades at our shop/showroom, and the Christmas rush has started early.  Thus, we are working odd hours in efforts to stay alive.  We ask that you call for an appointment to ensure that your time is well spent with us.  Please call Sandi at 619-368-7715. 

Yes, that is an actual rice paper shoji screen.  This design is completely our own.  You will not find anything so stylish and innovative anywhere else.  Can you design your own?  Abso-stinking-lutely!

Our showroom is in front of our shop.  So you can actually see where your furniture is made.  If you have a question, you can call or email us.  Without all those layers, there are no design limitations.  There is no such thing as color, material or finish limitations.   You are speaking directly with your builder.  We can tell you everything you would like to know about your project.



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Custom wall beds and cabinetry in San Diego, CA by Sandi & Jenn!

Wall Beds by Sandmar

What!?  My favorite picture on the face of my wall bed?  With wardrobes on both sides?  But of course!  What can we say, we've got mad skills.

Here are some things we don't have.

We do not have a sales team.  We do not pay high rent for a showroom on Miramar.  We don't have a design team; though we'd be happy to work with your designer. 


We've been building custom cabinetry and custom wall beds in San Diego for over 25 years now.  In fact, custom cabinets is all we do.   Throughout those years we've learned design, and we have become master woodworkers.  A sales person cannot walk you through this process without all of this knowledge.  If we sold ten styles with no options, then we might hire one.    But we don't; so we won't.

We are not your average wall bed company.  I mean really, where else are you going to find someone who can make your dream barn door wall bed and side cabinets with touch latch opening doors? 

Of course we hand selected and ripped down all of the solid beech wood and hand joined the pieces.  Yup, Jenn made sure to match the white paint you have on the room's molding.  Except she uses varnish and not paint.  This finish, our standard finish, will last forever as varnish is one of the most durable finishes available.  She sprays a thin coat, sands, sprays, sands...until it's perfect.

This finish can only be applied in our permitted, inspected booth.  We do not just give lip service to keeping our production as environmentally friendly as possible.  We live here too!  So you know that we are also concerned about San Diego's air quality.

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OMG, as the kids say today!  Yeppers that is solid bamboo.  How, you may ask, do we get such a dark finish?  First we dye it and then we stain it.  This takes time and skill, something that cannot be mass produced.

Don't be afraid to venture out to our little industrial area.  Like a pearl in an oyster, our outside may be rough but our inside is fab-u-lous!

It's a waste of time to look around.  There is no one like us.  But if you insist, we will see you when you are done.

And feel free to check out our Google and Yelp reviews.

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